Grupetto & Kurt Van Eeghem:
The Last Waltz on the Titanic

In 2012 it will be exactly 100 years when took place the most legendary naval disaster of history. During the night of April 14th 1912 the unsinkable RMS Titanic crashed into an enormous ice berg and 2225 passengers fought for their lives. Only 705 were to survive the disaster. The orchestra, as if nothing was happening, kept on playing cheerful tunes and popular melodies until the water literally reached their feet. "The Last Waltz on the Titanic" is a tribute to these musicians and an authentic reconstruction  of the music that was played during that fateful night: waltzes, light opera melodies and, of course, American ragtime tunes, the first top hits of light modern music. As early as 20 years ago, Grupetto became fascinated with and started research about the disaster and the authentic music. In 1996 this resulted  in a most successful program during three seasons. A CD recording, created in cooperation with Radio 1 was sold out rapidly and reissued again under the Sony label.

Exactly 100 years after Titanic went down Grupetto played for the second time in the Irish Titanic town Cobh and was internationally selected to represent Wallace Hartley's Titanic band by playing on the Titanic Memorial Cruise, sailing from Southampton to New York, from 8 to 29 april 2012.

Kurt Van Eeghem

Kurt Van Eeghem received his training at the "Studio Herman Teirlinck", Antwerp and "Theaterschool" in Amsterdam. From 1975 on he was an actor in different ensembles and also with his own ensemble "Het Ei" (the Egg).

He started his TV career with sketches in the music program Hitring , where he played his alter ego, the dandy Raphael Goossens.

In 1982 he recorded his own CD "Cool, hé, jongen?" together with Jean-Marie Aerts.

In 1984 he presented a quiz program Namen noemen" and later a comedy series Kurtoisie, in which he played the character of Hilaire Sfeermaeckers, the expert of etiquette. He often played comical sketches impersonating King Baudouin.

Newspaper "Het Volk", 2001
"The Flemish ensemble Grupetto goes down in history as the first and unique group in the world to bring an authentic and historic-truthful reconstruction of the music played during that fateful night."

Newspaper "De Morgen", 1998
"A historic, authentic Grand Finale of the Titanic."

Newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws", 1997
"The Grupetto CD distinguishes itself from other projects by its historical reconstruction."

Music examples
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100 years after the Titanic disaster, the story still fascinates and that is why Grupetto resumed its very first project.
The narrator Kurt Van Eeghem almost makes you believe he was on board himself witnessing the wreck.

duration: ca 80 minutes