'Reynard, Nasty Tricks!'

Reception at the court. The animals complain about the nasty tricks Reynard the Fox has played on them. King Nobel's servants, Bruin the Bear, Tibeert the tomcat and Grimbeert the badger are ordered to get hold of Reynaert and bring him to the King to face justice. They will experience at their expense how difficult it is to outfox this cunning fox!

This Flemish animal epic of world wide repute from long ago when animals could still talk, represents the very height of Middle Dutch literature, written in about 1250 by the brilliant lay brother Willem.

'Van den Vos Reynaerde' is the story of the roguery and tricks played by an astute fox, which doubles as a satire on man and humanity.

Of course, this was ideal material for Grupetto and inspiration for new music composed by Valentijn Biesemans. Actor Johan De Paepe revised the text and impersonates all the animals.

Audience target group: 12 years and up (considering the often double meaning of the story)

duration: 65 minutes

Johan De Paepe, narrator, script writer

Johan De Paepe has been awarded a master's degree in Germanic philosophy and dramaturgy, he holds a Bachelor of Law and is a qualified High School teacher. From 1989 to 1999 he was a dramatist, actor and producer at 'Het Paleis'. In 1999 he founded the theatre company for children 'Tweelicht & Zoon', together with Jos Dom. For his stage play 'Koekeneiennegenmaanden' he was awarded the Nestor de Tiere prize in 1998-1999 by the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature.
Johan De Paepe is a playwright, actor, producer, translator, he makes adaptations, publishes, teaches drama, organizes special visits to museums for children. He lends his voice to several voice activities, cartoons and voice-covers. He teaches Dutch at the Sint Ursula High School in Lier. In 1996 he was a guest teacher at the Antwerp University for children theatre scripts in Flanders and Holland He is the editor in chief of the Youth and Music (Jeunesses Musicales) magazine. He appears as guest artist on television and is a singer of the rockcovergroup No Sheilas.

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