George Gershwin: 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Who, at the beginning of the previous century, could ever have expected that a little hooligan in the streets of New York would, in less than no time, become one of the most colourful composers of the world?   Music softens the morals and can awaken the best things in human nature.  That's what happened to George Gershwin.  The various kinds of music in the cafés, music shops and in the Jewish theater stimulated him and, when one day the family came into the possession of a piano, the spark spread into a creative powder keg. He soon proved to be a prodigy on the piano and a brilliant composer who, in an inimitable way could bridge between qualitative entertainment music, jazz and classical music.
Although his music is ageless, it expresses perfectly the New York of the nineteen 20'ies and 30'ies.

The musical chameleons of Grupetto often change instruments, from Swanee, over Rhapsody in Blue and the piano concerto in F to his last song.
Tap dancer, singer and actor Serge Hamers sings about the close friendship between Gershwin and his dancing muse Fred Astaire. 

'George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue', a tribute to friendship,
directed by Walter Janssens (Kommil Foo, Ulthima Thule, Theater Malpertuis…)

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Jo Vercruysse: violin, trumpet, percussion
Henk Soenen: clarinets and saxophones
Bruno De Schaepdrijver: viola and tuba
Valentijn Biesemans: cello, trombone and musical saw
Jan Lust: piano


Serge Hamers: tap dance, actor, singer
Direction: Walter Janssens