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Marlene Dietrich, "Falling in love again"

In a varied vocal-instrumental programme “Marlene Dietrich - Falling in love again” Grupetto brings to life the most beautiful Dietrich songs and the legend created by herself.

As these songs partly only existed in piano version, we had to create ensemble adaptations. However these were made greatly respecting the original. Most of the songs have not been re-edited during more than half a century and have not been performed or recorded after Dietrich’s death.

Vocalist Hannelore Muyllaert identifies with her illustrious paragon.

duration: 75 minutes

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich started her career as a young revue-artist in Berlin. In 1927 she became acquainted with an instrument that would accompany her all along her career: the musical saw. Her real breakthrough came in 1930 with one of Europe's first sound films "Der Blaue Engel". The music in this film was composed by Friedrich Hollaender, an all-round pianist-composer who from now on would write film songs, exclusively and especially for her. In that film she was cut out for her part of "femme fatale", which she seemed a lot to act out also in daily life. From her early performances on she attracted attention due to her fatal sensuality and her apparent indifference but significant pretence.

About 1930 the golden days of Berlin cabaret had come to an end, the nazis took power and Marlene Dietrich decided to emigrate and to settle in the United States after the first american performance of " The Blue Angel". In her wake followed numerous German intellectuals. Among them Hollaender, Spoliansky and other composers, scriptwriters and artists. Dietrich was approached many times by the nazis, but refused to lend her name as a cover for nazi ideology. She became an official American citizen and was considered a traitress of her country by the nazi-press. "The Germany I have known all along doesn't exist any more," she declared when she arrived in Germany as a mascot of the allied forces and saw her destroyed country.

After the war, from 1953 on, and for twenty years, she travelled all over the world with her "one-woman-show" and made the acquaintance of composer Harold Arlen. During the last years of her life she withdrew from the highlights and died lonely in her apartment in Paris on May 6 th 1992. She was almost 92 years old.

Hannelore Muyllaert

Hannelore Muyllaert studied voice with Beatrijs De Vos and Loh-Siew Tuan at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. She followed several workshops and master classes in Belgium and abroad (for instance with Vera Rosza, SarahWalker, Richard Miller....). She also had training and improvisation courses from Vincent Van Den Elshout.
In 1998 she sang the role of Belinda in Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas" in a production of the Pojedu Choir and two years later she participated, - equally as Belinda - in the Opera Studio of La Monnaie, Brussels.
In June 2001 she performed "The seven Capital Sins" of Kurt Weill with stage master Ronny Lauwers and she was elected for the leading part of "Marlene Dietrich" in the musical production "Falling in love again" of the Grupetto Ensemble. In September 2002 " a CD was released of "Falling in love again" .
She sang also the role of the saleswoman in "Der Silbersee" by Kurt Weill. This opera was performed in 2003 in the Stadsschouwburg Bruges, in the Flemish Opera in Ghent an in De Bijloke in Ghent with the Flemish Radio Orchestra (in a concert version).

Program and music examples
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Wenn die Elisabeth nicht so schöne Beine hätt - R. Katscher / H. Gardens

Jalousie - J. Gade (°)

You 're the cream in my Coffee - de Sylva, Brown, Henderson (°)

Nach meine Beene ist ja ganz Berlin verrückt - W. Kallo (°)

Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss - F. Hollaender (*)

Ich bin die fesche Lola - F. Hollaender (*)

Spatzenkonzert - Boerschel / Burkhardt / Stolzenwald

Nimm dich in acht vor blonden Frau'n - F. Hollaender (*)

Kinder, spielt mir doch eine weiche Tangoplatte - F. Hollaender (°)

Quand l'amour meurt - Crémieux / Robin / Millandy

Charleston, Charleston - V. Ellis / J.H. Wood

Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte - F. Hollaender (*)

Jonny - F. Hollaender

Stormy Weather - H. Arlen (*)

Puttin' on the Ritz - I.Berlin (*)

Pagan Love Song - N.H.Brown (*)

Lilli Marlene - H. Leip / N. Schultze (*)

The Boys in the Backroom - F. Hollander (*)

Leben ohne Liebe kannst du nicht - M. Spoliansky

   (*):  arrangement Valentijn Biesemans
   (°) : arrangement Jo Vercruysse