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Grupetto is an ensemble consisting of violin, viola, clarinet, piano and cello, aiming at bringing to life valuable entertainment music of the first half of the past century.

In 1996, after four years of research, they were the first to make revive the original music played on the Titanic. Grupetto performed this program in 150 concerts during three seasons. Watch a video here , here and here.

After the success of this Titanic project they started on a second voyage of historical discovery about film diva and singer Marlene Dietrich.
The third project was "In Flanders Fields", a penetrating but accessible multimedia performance about the absurd cruelty of the First World War. With this program they were very appropriately declared "Residential ensemble of the Memorial Museum of Passchendaele (1917)".

Searching deeper in the collective memory, they found the medieval epic poem 'Reynaert de Vos' ('Reynard the Foxe'), resulting in a new musical program. " Reynaert, rossestreken!" ('Reynard the sly fox').

On the occasion of 100 years Titanic, Grupetto decided to revive its first and extremely successful production and to give people a new chance of getting acquainted with the authentic music played on the short journey of the famous ship. At this occasion the well known Flemish narrator Kurt Van Eeghem was asked to tell the story of the Titanic.

Exactly 100 years after Titanic went down Grupetto played for the
second time in the Irish Titanic town Cobh and was internationally
selected to represent Wallace Hartley's Titanic band by playing on
the Titanic Memorial Cruise, sailing from Southampton to New York,
from 8 to 29 april 2012.